bobo steven

bobo steven

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First Name * bobo
Last Name * steven
Username * boboa4eva
Country * USA
Nationality Chinese
Languages ChineseEnglish



Availability: student


Hi i started to get into CG during my junior year in high school, i used wings3d for half a year then i bought 3ds max. When i applyed for colleges, i got aceepted to SVA, Pratt, RIt, and Art institute of washington. Right now i'm a Freshmen at AIW, so i wont be able to take any of my 3d stuff until my 2nd or 3rd year :*(. But it's cool i bought alooot of books, and dvd's so i think i'm pretty stright, i always work harder when i'm teaching my self ;). After college i hope to get a job in the gaming industry, then many be save up money to go to the great VFS, or maybe get my masters up at SVA. It all depends if i think i'm ready when i graduate from AIW.

My Goal is to become a good and respected cg artist, have a solid and decent paying job, where i can have fun while i work. Get a family and retired in a nice cold place and maybe do some free lancing or somthing ;) lol